Frail Care Rooms



Care Services - Frail Care Rooms

  • Residents can be admitted to the Frail Care Rooms on a short or long-term basis.
  • Frail Care services will include:
    1. 24/7 care by trained staff, inclusive of meals and laundry.
    2. Assistance with personal hygiene.
    3. Assistance with incontinence care.
    4. Assistance with nutritional needs/feeding/tube feeding/nasogastric feeds.
    5. Assistance with mobility/assisted walking/exercise/transferring.
    6. Maintaining homeostasis.
    7. Risk identification, management and prevention. (bed ulcers, medication discrepancies, dehydration, fall risks, infection).
    8. Care of wounds.
    9. Order, receive, administer and monitor medication and effects on client.
    10. Assessment prior to admission and thereafter as needed and care planning.
    11. Care and nursing reports.
    12. Complete holistic care plan.
    13. Mental-health monitoring and activity planning.
    14. Care coordination with multidisciplinary team.
    15. Referral to external support as and when needed.
  • Admission to the Frail Care Rooms is subject to a confidential vetting process whereby each Resident’s or External Patient’s medical condition will be carefully evaluated.
  • Medwell reserves the right to refuse admission if a Resident’s medical condition is of such a nature that it is not in the best interest of the Resident or other Residents if the person is admitted to a Frail Care Room.
  • Fees for the Frail Care Services, including Bed Accommodation Fees, will be determined in consultation with the Body Corporate and will be reviewed annually. All consumables and medical waste removal will be an additional cost over and above the Bed Accommodation Fees and may vary from month to month.

Yes, the Care Centre main building is equipped with a medicine room that is lockable and medication will be stored within the guidelines set out by the Medicines Control Council.

  • A nurse-call system has been installed next to each bed which can be activated.
  • Each Frail Care bed also has an intercom phone line installed through which the resident can make direct contact with the reception desk.

Yes. A form provided by the relevant sales agent will have to be completed by the applicant’s house doctor and submitted to the Care Manager. A vetting process will follow and decision made before the sale can be concluded.

Personal information, medical aid detail, current state of health, medical history, medication currently being used, allergies etc.

3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be served. Meals for the Frail Care will be served either in bed or in the Frail Care dining room depending on the registered nurse’s evaluation and recommendation.

1x 5kg bag of personal laundry and 1x 5kg bag of linen and towels will be washed and ironed weekly.

Apart from the daily bed-making, a general clean will be done once a week. This includes vacuum, sweeping, cleaning of bathrooms, emptying bins and changing of linen and cleaning materials and equipment are provided.


  • A concierge service (booking of taxis etc.) that can be booked via the Property Manager. The cost of the taxi will be for the account of the resident.
  • Use of the library at the Care Centre.
  • Insurance on all buildings, maintenance and upkeep of the common grounds and infrastructure, Care Centre and exterior of the apartments.
  • Water to the common areas and residential apartments are included in the monthly levy.
  • Electricity to all Frail Care Rooms, Assisted Living Suites and common areas are included in the monthly levy.
  • Access to the Zevenwacht Lifestyle Estate Clubhouse.
  • 24-Hour Security that includes an electric fence, manned entrance gate, CCTV cameras to the public areas to the Care Centre.

The cost of the additional services will be determined on an individual-needs basis and may be applied for at the Care Manager. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Additional laundry services (per kg).
  • Additional housekeeping services.
  • Additional meals at the Care Centre dining facilities (pre-booking system).
  • Meals for guests/visitors.
  • Transportation of residents to nearby shopping centres etc. via the newly bought 16-seater Toyota Quantum bus.
  • Additional care services.
  • A Care Manager (situated at the Care Centre) and Property Manager (situated at the Clubhouse at the Zevenwacht Lifestyle Homes) will be on duty every work day from 08H00 to 17H00, excluding public holidays.
  • Additional to this, qualified carers will be on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

All services, falling outside of what is provided under the standard monthly levy, will be billed separately at the end of the month in addition to the standard levy and is payable by the 1st of the following month with the normal levy.

The rent is calculated per suite, thus only 1 full fee is payable. The second person will however pay additional fees towards the normal services items as set out in the levies.

24-hour security with a guard at the estate entrance gate, electric fencing, CCTV to the entrance gate of the estate and designated areas in main building.

At least 50 years old at time of occupation.

Yes, they may in the Assisted Living Suites, but not in the Frail Care Rooms.

  • Managing Agents – Amari Property Management.
  • Care Service Providers – Medwell.

Yes, all residents of the Independent Living Apartments, Lifestyle Homes, Frail Care Rooms or Assisted Living Suites may make use of the facility. Arrangements for functions can be made with the Property Manager.

No. The care service provided at the Care Centre and Frail Care Rooms does not cater for Dementia/ Alzheimer patients.

  • All food will be served at the dining room within the Care Centre.
  • If a person chooses not to eat in the dining room, there will be an additional charge for delivery to their room. If, according to the registered nurse’s assessment, the person’s health condition prevents him/her from going to the dining room, meals will be delivered free of charge.
  • You can press the nurse-call or inform the receptionist via the intercom telephone line installed in each suite/room. After hours the call will be transferred to the nurse’s station.
  • Alternatively, kindly contact Phangela Security at tel (021) 949 9802 or the Property Manager.

The Assisted Living Suites come furnished with a bed, nightstand and armchairs. Only smaller items like nightstands and recliner chairs will be allowed in the suites. The Property Manager may use his discretion in this regard.

No visitors will be allowed to stay over in the Assisted Living Suites or Frail Care Rooms.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (situated at the Clubhouse at the Zevenwacht Lifestyle Homes)

  • Amari Property Management
  • Tel: 021 250 0408 / 083 261 4676 (Johan Vermeulen)


  • Phangela Group
  • Tel. 021 949 9802

CARE MANAGEMENT (situated at the Care Centre)

  • Care Manager
  • Tel: 082 871 9451 (Adri Conradie)


  • Tel: 079 209 0751


  • Receptionist Tel: 079 209 0751


  • 083 261 4676


  • Multi Spectrum Property Retentions
  • Tel: 087 802 9003

Patronage Card

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  • Complimentary wine tasting (limited to 4 pax).
  • 10% discount on meals in the restaurant and picnic baskets.
  • 10% discount on accommodation (Country Inn & Cottages).
  • 10% discount on full day or evening spa at Bakwena Spa at Zevenwacht. (Not available on Saturdays, not applicable to special offers, T’s & C’s apply).
  • Preferential purchasing opportunities for newly released wines.
  • Newsletters.
  • Discount not applicable to special offers.