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Two & Three Bedroom Lifestyle Homes
from R2 619 900 

Your life begins at 50.

Lifestyle Homes, part of Zevenwacht Lifestyle Estate, was designed to give residents the feeling of independence and freedom, but at the same time having a ‘guardian angel’ watching over them for that extra sense of reassurance and calmness. Zevenwacht Lifestyle Estate includes 99 spacious freestanding Lifestyle Homes that offer top-quality finishes with the convenience of being pet-friendly. (T’s & C’s apply) This estate offers a clubhouse with a library and fireplace that walks out on a wooden deck to enjoy time with family and friends. Standard services include Call4Care, 5 Days Recuperative Care at the Care Centre, weekly clinic services and a dedicated Management Agent together with a list of additional services such as meals at the Care Centre at an additional cost (Pre-bookings).

Unit Type A

Starting from: R3 569 900

Erf # 22893, 22922, 22947, 22950, 22976

size 153m²

beds 2

bathrooms 2

garages single

Covered Patio: 13m²
Garage: 26m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type B

Starting from: R4 159 900

Erf # 22895, 22907, 22916, 22948, 22949, 22975, 22977

size 178m²

beds 2

bathrooms 2

garages double

Covered Patio: 16m²
Garage: 43m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type C

Starting from: R4 079 900

Erf # 22906, 22914, 22920, 22972, 22973, 22974

size 175m²

beds 2

bathrooms 2

garages double

Covered Patio: 20m²
Garage: 42m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type D

Starting from: R4 649 900

Erf # 22891, 22892, 22896, 22898, 22899, 22903, 22904, 22911, 22912, 22913, 22915, 22917, 22921, 22923, 22924, 22929, 22951

size 200m²

beds 3

bathrooms 2

garages double

Covered Patio: 16m²
Garage: 44m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type E

Starting from: R5 289 900

Erf # 22889, 22890, 22894, 22897, 22900, 22901, 22902, 22905, 22909, 22918, 22919, 22928

size 230m²

beds 2


garages double

Covered Patio: 19m²
Garage: 41m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type F

Sold Out

Erf # 22908

size 288m²

beds 3

bathrooms 3

garages double

Covered Patio: 26m²
Garage: 42m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type G1

Starting from: R2 619 900


Erf # 22969

size 98m²

beds 2

bathrooms 1

garages single

Covered Patio: 7m²
Garage: 26m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type G2

Starting from: R2 769 900

Erf # 22933, 22939, 22940, 22942, 22944, 22945, 22946, 22955, 22956, 22958, 22961, 22964, 22966, 22971

size 112m²

beds 2

bathrooms 1

garages double

Covered Patio: 7m²
Garage: 40m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type H1

Starting from: R3 119 900

Erf # 22968

size 120m²

beds 3

bathrooms 1

garages single

Covered Patio: 8m²
Garage: 26m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects

Unit Type H2

Starting from: R3 269 900

Erf # 22925, 22926, 22927, 22930, 22931, 22932, 22934, 22935, 22936, 22937, 22938, 22941, 22943, 22952, 22953, 22954, 22957, 22959, 22960,  22962, 22963, 22965, 22967, 22970

size 135m²

beds 3

bathrooms 1

garages double

Covered Patio: 9m²
Garage: 40m²


All plans subject to final adjustments by architects


Care Services

  • Access to clinic services once a week by a registered/staff nurse at the Care Centre.
  • Recuperative care, similar to the Assisted Living Suites, at the Care Centre is available (5 days per year/ per home) at no additional charge.
  • This care is subject to availability and in the case of full occupancy, care will be provided at your residence.
  • 24-Hour Call4Care monitoring and emergency alert services.

The cost of the additional services are determined on an individual-needs basis and can be applied for at the Care Manager. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Administering of medication.
  • Home Nursing Services by arrangement.

Home Nursing


Post-hospitalization care, oncology care, palliative care, wound care, catheter care, stoma care, tracheostomy care, rehabilitation care, home ventilation, oxygen therapy, single nursing procedures, social work consultations.

The type of service required by a patient will determine the cost of the care package. This is coordinated by Medwell’s Care Manager using a multidisciplinary team to create a care plan in conjunction with the family and patient.

The Call4Care system is installed in each dwelling and can be used to notify the Call4Care Call Centre. They will immediately assist you with your emergency and notify the Registered nurse at the Care Centre.


  • A concierge service (e.g. taxi bookings) is available and can be booked with the Property Manager. The cost of such service is however for the account of the resident.
  • Access to the Zevenwacht Lifestyle Estate Clubhouse including the use of the ever-expanding library.
  • Insurance of all buildings, the infrastructure including maintenance and upkeep of the common grounds.
  • Electricity and water to the common areas and Clubhouse.
  • 24-Hour Security which includes a manned entrance gate, CCTV cameras and an electric fence along the perimeter of the Estate.
  • Laundry services such as washing and ironing.
  • Housekeeping services.
  • Nutritional and balanced meals at the Care Centre dining facilities.
  • Transportation of residents to nearby shopping centres etc. via the newly bought 16-seater Toyota Quantum bus. Bookings to be made at the Property Manager.

Note: The cost of additional services is priced according to the required service and must be booked with the Care Manager.

All services, falling outside of what is provided under the standard monthly Levy, will be billed separately at the end of the month in addition to the standard Levy and is payable by the 1st of the following month with the normal Levy. Services falling outside the monthly Levy are optional extras chosen by Resident.

Yes. A form provided by the relevant sales agent will have to be completed by the applicant’s house doctor and submitted to the Care Manager. The Care Manager will then do a medical evaluation of the prospective purchaser/occupant before the sale can be concluded.

Personal information, medical aid information, current state of health, medical history, medication currently being used and allergies, etc.

Yes, but only after formal approval by the trustees.

Occupants must be 50 years old (at time of occupation) and your spouse/ partner may be younger than 50 years old.

No, each house has a prepaid electricity meter.

Yes, all residents residing at the Lifestyle Homes, Retirement Apartments, Frail Care or Assisted Living Suites may make use of the facility. Arrangements for functions can be made with the Property Manager.

Yes, this service is catered for by Feedem, a specialist in their industry (situated at the Care Centre). This service will be for the occupant’s account and must be booked in advance.

An open-access phone line will be installed in each of the houses. Owners will be able to contract with any telecom service provider to install a phone and internet connection.

Yes, but approval must be obtained from the developer and Managing Agents.

In case of a security emergency, kindly contact Phangela Security or the Property Manager.

The service will include the cutting and trimming of the lawn as well as the maintenance of hedges. For additional services, a pricelist can be obtained from the Property Manager.

A non-resident/visitor can stay over for a maximum of 21 days. Consent must be obtained from the Property Management.

Yes, a dedicated retirement bus has been bought for the purpose of transporting residents at a cost to nearby shopping centres, etc. Kindly book in advance with the Property Manager.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (situated at the Clubhouse at the Zevenwacht Lifestyle Homes)

  • Amari Property Management
  • Tel: 021 250 0408 / 083 261 4676 (Johan Vermeulen)


  • Phangela Group
  • Tel. 021 949 9802

CARE MANAGEMENT (situated at the Care Centre)

  • Care Manager
  • Tel: 082 871 9451 (Adri Conradie)


  • Tel: 079 209 0751


  • Receptionist Tel: 079 209 0751


  • 083 261 4676 (Johan Vermeulen)


  • Multi Spectrum Property Retentions
  • Tel: 087 802 9003

Patronage Card

  • 10% discount on wine purchases from the tasting centre.
  • Complimentary wine tasting (limited to 4 pax).
  • 10% discount on meals in the restaurant and picnic baskets.
  • 10% discount on accommodation (Country Inn & Cottages).
  • Discount on the conference facilities.
  • 10% discount on full day or evening spa at Bakwena Spa at Zevenwacht. (Not applicable to special offers, half-day packages, single treatments or products T’s & C’s apply).
  • Preferential purchasing opportunities for newly released wines.
  • Newsletters.

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