EDGE Green Building


By opting for a resource-efficient home, property owners are assured of the comfort and well-being of their families while saving on utility bills. Green homes were once expensive and unavailable in most places, and now EDGE allows property developers to build homes that include solutions like low-energy lighting, solar power, and water conservation devices. Homeowners can save at least 20% on energy and water bills compared to an ordinary home, creating greater confidence in the long-term value of the investment.

  • Reduced window-to-wall ratio
  • Eco Insulation 135mm
  • Energy Saving Lightbulbs (inside)
  • Energy Saving Lightbulbs (outside)
  • Solar Hot Water Collectors
  • Low-flow Shower Heads
  • Low-flow Faucets
  • Low-flow Dual-flush Water Closets
  • Roof Construction & Finishes